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Excuse me, I'm restraining use of about twenty different expletives to tell you that Homare Sawa, a World Champion, is right in this article. How are the under-23 male soccer players more "professional" than Nadeshiko, the fucking world cup champions?! Someone submitted this to my blog on male privilege and I posted a response text that I stand by. http://aboutmaleprivilege.tumblr.com/post/27566919309/male-privilege-is-when-your-world-class-soccer if you want to see me eat a seal in fury.

Best of Arian Foster 2011 (Video)


Can you imagine what this guy could've done if he had been healthy the entire season?

NCAA 2011 FB attendance


What is laughable is that during Big Ten expansion 2 years ago, schools like Pitt, 'Cuse, Rutgers were being bandied about, but a school like Iowa State is a bigger draw than all of them. Hell, Iowa State is a bigger draw than Colorado and Utah, the new Pac 12 teams. hat tip to Wide Right and Natty Lite

WCG's 2011 Chicago Bears Schedule Wallpaper


With so many stories getting posted on the front page nowadays, I thought it might get lost in the shuffle. Go to the link in the title, and grab the schedule wallpaper.

2011 printable Chicago Bears schedule


Here's my annual attempt to create a printable Bears schedule to keep posted close by at work, home, etc. Feel free to download and share as you'd like! http://www.flickr.com/photos/16463234@N03/ A couple of quick notes about the schedule: -This year's Bye Week again falls nicely right in the middle of the season (and right after the Week 7 match-up w/ the Bucs in London) -Although the schedule looks pretty tough, thankfully there's no Thursday night/NFL Network games this year -We're paired up against the AFC West and end the year with Divisional games on Christmas & New Years Day.

Nets highlight reel 2010-11 - Who Needs Melo?


just a little vid i made in my free time. like and subscribe!

Darin Gantt's Outlook on the Panthers


I said 5 days ago that SportingNews is giving Outlooks on every team, and I linked the Outlook on the Atlanta Falcons. I also said that when the Carolina Panthers were given an Outlook, I would do my own analysis... Well it turns out that Darin Gantt wrote it and I have absolutely nothing to say about it. He is much more serious than I would be; and the only thing I could see myself injecting is needless optimism.Last Word: Everyone needs to read this article.

Canucks Pre-Season Schedule


Tues., Sept. 20th vs Calgary - 7:00 pm. Flame-out Tues., Sept. 20th at Calgary - 7:00 pm. Flame-out 2 Thurs., Sept. 22nd at Edmonton - 6:00 pm. Thugs!! Sat., Sept. 24th vs Anaheim - 7:00 pm. Quack quack. Sun., Sept. 25th vs San Jose - 6:00 pm. Oh hello again! Wed., Sept. 28th at Anaheim - 7:00 pm. Pfft. Thurs., Sept. 29th at San Jose - 7:30 pm. Remember us? Sat., Oct. 1st vs Edmonton - 7:00 pm. Send in the Goons!!

Ziller's Mock Draft has us taking...

Lucas Nogueira, an 18y/o, 7', 225lb center out of Brazil. Ziller says he's like "Johan Petro with long braids." Why it's alright for a 7 footer to weigh 10lbs less than me while being 7" taller than me, I don't know. 7.5' wingspan, though. Draft Express / YouTube Idk, never heard of him. Thoughts?

T-Mobile NBA 2011 All-Rookie Team Rosters


All the Clippers first round rookies received votes. Check to see where they placed on the rosters. At Clips Nation, we talked a lot about how Eric Gordon received little attention for his productivity in his rookie season. Do you see other rookies this season in a similar senario? Edit: First round rookies as opposed to just rookies.

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