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2012 Tampa Bay Lightning Lined-Up Update (final update)


As we stare into the abyss of uncertainty, we c lose out the 2012 off-season with the final update to the Lined-Up Update, which was tracking some of the moves by the club this past summer. Not every move and signing is listed, but the majority of them are.

"Ten or 11" Flames players to travel to New York for CBA Negotiations


After news broke that not all Flames players would be attending the team's annual charity golf tournament, NHLPA player rep Matt Stajan has said that a number his teammates will instead be traveling to New York in a final effort to influence CBA negotiations before Saturday's deadline. "It is unfortunate we all can't go, but, obviously, getting a new CBA is our No. 1 focus because we want to play hockey. We don't want to be locked out and have a bunch of other charity events cancelled . . . or can't attend because we're locked out," Stajan told the Calgary Herald.

2012 NHL CBA: The worst that could happen


"At this point, talks are recessed." -- Donald M. Fehr. That's paraphrased, as we've seen it in variations on Twitter. This post links over to Defending Big D and provides a better glimpse at the breaking news that NHL Ownership adn the Players Association are at an impasse.

Malhotra, Schneider on NHLPA Negotiating Committee


Manny Malhotra and Cory Schneider will be on the NHLPA's Negotiating Committee, as the union and the NHL discuss a new CBA to replace the one expiring on September 15th. Although it was rumoured that Alex Burrows would also be on the committee, it turns out he won't be. However, a few reports say that players not on the committee are welcome to join them for bargaining sessions. More players can also eventually be added to the committee. Check the link to see the full list of players.

Kukla Speculates on CBA Changes


Floats some interesting ideas, including some talk about the "anticipated lowering of the cap ceiling and floor, and widening the gap between the two."

Interesting article about the CBA and salary cap/floor


I thought this was pretty interesting, and somewhat relevant to the Avs' situation in that, they're being forced to spend money to reach the floor. I had never really thought of the floor as an inhibitor before, but this gives some insight into how some teams are now having to overpay players because of the floor, which may skew several contracts and cause problems in the future.

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