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DiPietro's first German game: 3 goals, no injuries


Rick DiPietro lost his first game for SC Riessersee in the Bavarian Alps 4-1 (EN). The team tried to keep things positive, though: "Bei Torhüter Rick DiPietro konnte man sehen, dass er noch ein bisschen Zeit der Eingewöhnung braucht. Axel Kammerer nahm den Torhüter der NY Islanders in Schutz: 'für ihn als Torhüter ist die Umstellung wesentlich schwieriger, er braucht noch ein paar Spiele'". "You could see that Rick DiPietro still needs some time to get used to things. [Coach] Axel Kammerer defended the NY Islanders goalie, saying: 'The transition is much more difficult for him as a goaltender, he still needs a couple of games'". The article also described the first two goals as "unlucky", so maybe there is more to hope for than just a few friendly excuses. Here are some numbers: http://www.pointstreak.com/prostats/boxscore.html?gameid=1999712

Shorty and assist for Grabner (updated and now with video)


In his first game for VSV, Michael Grabner scored once shorthanded and had an assist (+1) in a 4-3 victory over Dornbirn. The video shows all of this and a breakaway (no goal) as well as an interview at the end (glad that they won, that he meshed well with the team, and his goal and assist are the "bonus"). Here is the scoresheet.

Syracuse Crunch news: Pre-season road games

The Syracuse Crunch are going road-trippin' for the 2012 AHL pre-season. That doesn't leave this Crunch fan happy.

2012 NHL CBA: Put on hold by Gary's Game

It's a game of egos, greed and hubris. It's Gary's Game. One that's commanded by NHL Owners (overseen by Commissioner Gary Bettman) that threatens to hold both fans and staff hostage for the...

What Are Winnipeg Jets Fans Supposed To Do If There's A Lockout?

What are Winnipeg Jets fans supposed to do if there's a lockout? A brief look at what the potential NHL lockout will mean to fans here in Winnipeg, who just got used to having their team back.

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