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Chelsea: Five Years Later


Today marks the fifth anniversary of Roman Abramovich's takeover of Chelsea. It was the biggest in British football history at the time --£140 million -- and, I must say, it has worked out quite...

In Memory of Matthew Harding


This Sunday 22nd October is the 10th anniversary of the death of Matthew Harding, Chelsea's Vice-Chairman. Matthew died in a helicopter crash shortly after take-off whilst travelling back to...

A Thank You To Our Readers


I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who reads/comments on Lighthouse Hockey. I began writing here about a year ago (around the time of the draft) and I'm just over 100 stories in now....

TapouT: Two Years After Mask


Two years ago this week, TapouT founder Charles "Mask" Lewis was killed in a tragic car wreck. Bloody Elbow catches up with the new man in charge, ABG's Jamie Salter, to see how MMA's leading brand...

Stanley Cup champions, six years later


Six years later... Don't lament it, revel in it.

Junior Open Wheel Talent celebrates 2nd anniversary


If you're not reading Junior Open Wheel Talent then you are missing out not only on some terrific blogging, but also on the opportunity to educate yourself about the Road to Indy and the rising stars of open-wheel racing. Don't just settle for our Ladder Report - get your news from the source at JOWT!

Tampa Bay Lightning: Stanley Cup Champions -- Five Years Later


Five years ago to the day, the Tampa Bay Lightning were crowned Stanley Cup Champions. Instead of lamenting how far the team has fallen since then, Raw Charge tells the fans to revel in the memories.



This is Joni Pitkanen. A year ago today, I wrote my first post on this blog, a projection for Rob Schremp. Later that same day I revisited Kevin Lowe's work from the summer of 2000 and guessed that...

Four years of blogging


Tomorrow, February the 14th will mark 4 years of blogging for me, Dex and to a lesser extent Kev.  The fabled story of our humble beginnings is familiar to our long time readers.  One day seemingly...

Happy "kill the blog" birthday!


So the past few days have been interesting around these parts. I spent a month making a new site (from every CSS angle I could find down to dumb little elements that only I would notice) only to...

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