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The Rules They Need A Changing…

A lot of the talk after last night’s Championship game was about the officiating. No, really it’s about how bad it was. I think that is great because this conversation has been a...

What did NHL officials do during the lockout?

How did NHL referees and linesmen keep from getting rusty during the lockout?

Kansas Vs. TCU: Reviewing the Refs

Reviewing the officiating from the Kansas vs TCU game on Saturday the 15th. It wasn't good and everyone involved deserves better than what the Big 12 provided.

Giglio: Officiating Is Inconsistent

J.P. Giglio at ACC Now notes the officiating in the Duke-FSU game. Karl Hess, Bernard Clinton and J.D. Collins worked Tuesday's game. Wait, J.D. who? Collins hadn't worked a game at Cameron Indoor...

Pivot Foot Optional

This is some pretty low hanging fruit for anyone wanting to discuss favorable officiating for Duke. I think if we culled the video archives of every college basketball game played we would find...

Hansbrough May Have Had A Concussion vs Miami

And it is all his fault if you listen to the ABC rabble. During Roy Williams' radio show, he indicated Tyler Hansbrough was diagnosed with a mild concussion during the Miami game.  Hansbrough...

Two Final Notes

First of all, it seems like everyone is picking the Heels to win this one. In a series that prides itself on defying the conventional wisdom there is concern that the Duke players will take this...

At Least Ron Cherry Never Did This

This was during the LSU-SCAR game Saturday night where an SEC official inexplicably lays a shoulder into SCAR QB Stephen Garcia. And for anyone who thinks it was an accident watch as he shuffles...

Worst. Replay Officials. Ever.

I almost went somewhere I never go. The standing THF policy concerning officiating is that you cannot blame the referees for a loss.  Had UNC lost to Notre Dame on Saturday I would have openly...

NCAA Officiating Has Been Interesting So Far

College basketball officiating is always interesting and this weekend was no exception with technical fouls being given out like passes for a free chicken sandwich at Chick-Fila and of course this...

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