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2014 trade deadline open thread


This is a live discussion of te events of the 2014 NHL trade deadline day. Check in here to converse with other Lightning fans about league movement. Stay up to the minute with Twitter reporting too!

As seen on TV! Operators are standing by!


The Bolts partner up with TV pitchman Anthony Sullivan with their latest ticket package, with opinions on the package and commercial varying from positive to stereotypical.

NJ PHWA Boycotts NHL Award Voting in Protest


This is more insider stuff than anything else, but it's worth mentioning. Tom Gulitti posted at Fire & Ice why the NJ PHWA has withdrew their votes for the NHL awards. This is because the Islanders pulled Chris Botta's credentials during the season without any explanation from either the team, the NHL, or the PHWA, who did nothing about this at the national level. As Gulitti explains, it's a horrible precedent and could lead to other teams doing so. Hopefully, the PHWA at least gets the message. Good on the NJ, NY, and Long Island chapters to stand up for themselves.

Excellent Primer for the Uninitiated on the Botta Fiasco


Not that Botta is pure in this episode, but this move is wrong for the Islanders and their fans.

Your Evening Islanders Drama Recap


You'll never believe what the story of the day is. Between an 11-game winless streak, a coaching change, major injuries and inconsistent young players, the Islanders have a lot of on-ice issues...

Sports Talk interview with Chris Botta

"Patchyfogg" posted his mp3 interview link with Chris Botta as a FanPost. It should be a FanShot. I'm reposting what he wrote in his teaser here: As most everyone knows by now from my Isles Season Preview with Katie Strang, I co-host a 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island. Last night, we had former Isles VP of Communications and now Isles Blogger Chris Botta on with us. The interview is 49+ commercial-free minutes in MP3 format. Here is a list of the topics discussed in chronological order: --"Live is Life" --Evolution of the Blog --The interviews that Chris is doing for SNY --Chris’ Background --Beat Writers over the Years --Mike Milbury --John Spano --**EXCLUSIVE:** John Spano sends e-mail to Chris from Federal Prison --How can attendance be increased? --Ticket prices --Making the team more popular --Radio Coverage --The Lighthouse --The upcoming Islanders Point Blank Social --Origin of "Point Blank" in the name Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

Where are they now?: Zach McKelvie


AOL FanHouse writer Chris Botta caught up with former Bruins prospect Zach McKelvie and his twin brother, Chris McKelvie. Zach, a West Point graduate, has put his NHL dreams on hold to serve his country in the Army after the Army put the brakes on his hockey career. While Zach is taking care of his military obligations, Chris is working on a hockey career of his own with the New York Rangers organization.

The profound silence of the Lightning executive hunt


Chris Botta reported Wednesday Night that Steve Yzerman is still very much a candidate in Tampa for the role of GM. We touch on the report, the rumors that had listed the contrary, as well as the...

"The first thing the Lightning tell guys in for interviews isn't a question, but a demand. They...


"The first thing the Lightning tell guys in for interviews isn't a question, but a demand. They say, 'Do not speak to the press or anyone else.' What's implied is that if your name gets out in the media, you may not be a candidate for long."

An Unnamed League Source quoted by Chris Botta for NHL FanHouse

Report: Yzerman is top candidate for Lightning GM role


Sources tell NHL Fanhouse blogger Chris Botta that the Lightning GM job is Yzerman's if he wants it.

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