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LBC's Guide to NHL Waivers


The waiver process changed for the better in the 2012 CBA. Re-entry waivers, which even the teams didn't understand, are gone. LBC explains the new, simplified system.

Matt Birk To Replace Art Shell As Appeals Officer


Former Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk has been named Art Shell's successor as one of the league's two appeals officers. Birk will serve alongside other incumbent appeals officer, Ted Cottrell.

LZ Granderson: NFL deserves gay rights credit


ESPN columnist LZ Granderson recently gave the NFL a pat on the back for their gay-rights efforts. I personally think they have a long way to go, and I know the NFL is currently refusing to talk...

2012 NHL Lockout: Understanding labor terms

The National Hockey League's current work stoppage has led to people throwing around labor terms seldom incorrectly. Here are four terms and their meanings / how they are used.

Lock-out And Load: Why An NHL Lockout Needs To Happen

As we watch this debacle continue to unfold, as we pick sides and bang our fan-drums while condemning millionaires for their supposed greed, as the media continues to provide insight and...

Can We Stop Please?

The NHLPA wants us to believe they just want to play hockey. The NHL owners want us to believe they need more money for the league to function. They're both lying, so don't buy into it.

The NHL's initial CBA proposal isn't the end of the 2012-2013 season

Reportedly, the NHL has submitted an initial proposal to the NHLPA for updates to the CBA. However, it doesn't mean the season's over before it begins.

Dear Sounders, Because I Know You Were Wondering, Here's What You Can Get Me For My Birthday


Dear Sounders, My birthday is this week, and I know you've been waiting for this day so you can help me celebrate. To allow you to prepare, I thought I'd give you a little list of things you can...

On The Changes In NHL Contracts, Part 1


Are the drastic overpays in UFA coming to an end?

The Kevin Durant Marketing Machine Picks Up Steam


In a league designed to promote individuals over teams, Kevin Durant is being positioned to be the next "Star Among Stars" in the NBA. Durant, who is closing in on the scoring title is also closing...

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