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Shot Quality, Once Again, Doesn't Prove to Be A Major Factor


A lot of dedicated, admirable people gave their time for recording scoring chances over the last few years, so it's tough for me to see these results on one hand. On the other, it reiterates previous studies that have suggested that the "shot quality" argument has no legs. Great work from Eric T., and more importantly great work from all those scoring chance counters. We couldn't have done this without you.

An Expected Goals Model for Evaluating NHL Teams and Players


Some really interesting work from Brian Macdonald, providing some adjustments to Corsi and Fenwick to create an expected goals model (which will help adjust plus-minus). Tasty tidbit: hits are significant statistics, in that a low number of hits by your team, and a high number of hits against your team, "are good predictors of goals."

SM-liiga team Corsi and Fenwick numbers


My ongoing project of scraping useful stats out of raw data provided by the official SM-liiga website has reached its first milestone. Team Corsi and Fenwick numbers have some huge surprises, such as league leading KalPa being near the bottom of the rankings.

Columbus, True Talent, and the Limits of Corsi


Good article from Tom Awad over at Hockey Prospectus, doing some nifty things with PDO and Corsi and finding important results concerning the performance we should expect from teams.

Andrew talks Advance Stats to the Montreal Gazette


Our own Andrew Berkshire had a chance to discuss advanced stats in the NHL with The Montreal Gazette's Mike Boone. Great work Andrew!

A Decent Discussion of Statistics in Hockey


I think this is probably one of the better articles on statistics I've seen in the debate, if only because it explores both sides fairly well. I will say this, though: whatever your angle on this thing, try to avoid the assumption that hockey statisticians haven't explored the many, many potential confounding factors. If there's anything that overthrows the argument for Corsi, it's going to be shot quality (I believe the Challenge is still on, right Gabe?), not "heart" or "determination" or "enigmatic Russians." Well, maybe the Russians...

Corsi Meets Its Match


I know of a few certain 'stats' loving bloggers who can't figure correlation and causation that might find this useful.

2007-08 and 2008-09 Corsi Quality of Competition are posted


Sheer laziness is the only thing that kept me from writing the code to add this to the site. Here's: 2008-09 and 2007-08

SMILE! You aren't a Calgary fan...


One thing the rest of the Northwest can be happy about - they aren't paying $6,500,000 for Dion Phaneuf.

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