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The Burden of Proof: Lightning Q and A session at the St. Pete Times Forum

It's pessimism that keeps rearing it's head.  Pessimism by way of print journalists and bloggers alike regarding the Question and Answer session tonight at Times Palace.  Oren Koules, Brian...

Matt Gilroy signs 2 year deal with New York Rangers

So much as for the pipe-dreaming of Lightning management and this fan about seeing Gilroy in the mix for the Bolts. GIlroy signs a 2 year, $3.5 Million contract with the New York Rangers. he is not eligible to play in the Playoffs for the Rags.

Another Day, Another Deal

I'll let Cassie over at Bolts Blog summarize this one up to a T: Oh, look. Another trade. I was thinking that it was about time for that again. And they're trading away another defenseman for yet...

In review

I wrote off bringing in Jassen Cullimore in pre-season. Maybe that was a mistake. Or maybe circumstances would make it look like it was? Jassen's not putting up big numbers for the Panthers --...

Unstable and Unable

It's a rather simple equation, repeated nightly by the Lightning... It's what's kept me silent for so long - because I thought there would be change as the season progressed... What seems...

Boyling Point

Dan Boyle has returned to practice with the Lightning. Praise the hockey gods for giving us a lax schedule to start the season so Dan doesn't miss too many games. Of course, the flip side of the...

On a Wing and an Eg

The one telling sign that there is trouble in the House of 'Ning (and by God I vowed to never use that nickname to describe the Bolts, shame on me!) was Jay Feaster loading up on defensive depth...

Cory Cross smiles at thee, Lukas Krajicek

With the Tampa Bay Lightning defense decimated by injuries, Lukas Krajicek has found himself at the forefront of the Lightning defense... And invoked similarities to a sooner-forgotten defensiveman from the team's past.

Up, down, all around...

March 16th:  Josef Melichar.  Sent down. March 17th:  Matt Lashoff.  NHL Debut. He's teh Lightning's 20th D-man of the season March 18th:  Cory Murphy.  Out and done for the season... M...

Cory Murphy's Season likely Over

Reports have it (click title link) that Cory Murphy's right foot is broken (by way of a Vincent Lecavalier slap shot) and his season is likely over. Murphy - an abrupt pick up to cover for an injury depleted defense - had been a bright spot for an otherwise horrid Lightning D.

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