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NFL Sunday Ticket Now Offers Online Streaming


If you have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket and no way to watch the Texans this coming season, boy have I got news for you!

WWE Extreme Rules draws 107,000 buys on PPV

Traditional pay-per-view is now unsurprisingly pretty much dead for WWE in the United States, after only 30,000 homes bought Extreme Rules in their home market, and likely will be worldwide by the...

Rumor Roundup for Wednesday, March 26

Today's rumors: Hulk Hogan talks about wrestling again minus one move, Christian might have another concussion, answering whether or not Chris Jericho wants to come back to WWE, and more!

Cobs of the Week: ESPN Drops a Deuce, Mike Gundy RUTS, Husker Fans Too Demanding Meme, BTN & Dish, and Colorado


This week's "Worst in College Football" are two cable networks, a satellite programmer, and only two actual football teams.

The Pac-12 Network on Dish, with Football in HD!

The Pac-12 Network will be in HD for all the football and most of the men's basketball game on Dish Network.

A deal between the Pac-12 and Dish is close.

A deal between the Pac-12 and Dish is close. If Pac-12 fans want Dish Network to distribute the Pac-12 Network, they need to ramp the pressure up.

Pac-12 Network And Dish Rumors: Progress Being Made?

The Pac-12 Network and Dish might be making some headway. Channel 413 on the Dish Networks is currently a Pac-12 Network uplink, although the channel has yet to start broadcasting.

BTN Starting a Public Relations Assault on Dish Network

BTN is apparently asking for more money from Dish Network, and Dish is resisting. Fans are caught in the middle and probably end up on the losing end of the deal. Undoubtedly either higher bills or...

Pac-12 Network Rumors: DirecTV Looking Good, Dish Network Not So Much

Could the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV have a deal in place by Monday to carry the channel? Also, it's not looking good for Dish Network

MLB Network now on Dish Network Channel 153


Input your zip code at the linked site to see all of the providers of MLB Network - you'll see that MLB Network is now on Channel 153 on Dish Network, joining DirectTV, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse, and Sky Angel in broadcasting MLB Network.

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