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Don Waddell Wins CnB's Bracket for NHL's Worst Post-Lockout GM


This is one of the unfortunate things we can't shake (yet) of the Atlanta Thrashers' legacy: Don Waddell's ineptitude. I have to say, Scott Reynolds was merciful in ignoring the Hainsey and Antropov contracts, yet Waddell still won convincingly. He was also merciful in not looking at some of Waddell's atrocious choices for head coach, or the maintenance of a pretty rough scouting department. As a Winnipeg fan, I'm sorry to Atlanta fans that it turned out this way. You all got a raw deal, and deserved better.

Waddell Wins! Waddell Wins! Waddell Wins!


Don Waddell has been voted the worst general manager of the current CBA.

(1) Don Waddell v. (2) Doug MacLean


Which general manager was worse, Don Waddell or Doug MacLean?

(1) Don Waddell v. (4) Scott Howson


Which general manager was worse: Scott Howson or Don Waddell?

(1) Don Waddell v. (8) Brian Lawton


Which general manager was worse: Brian Lawton or Don Waddell?

(1) Don Waddell v. (16) Dale Tallon


Is Don Waddell or Dale Tallon a worse general manager?

The great white north; Tampa Bay Lightning at Winnipeg preview


Winnipeg is the relocated Atlanta Thrashers. That's their identity, even if "Winnipeg" is now attached to their name. Beating the Thrasher out of them does not embrace the franchise, but further...

Panthers' Tallon to have hand in U.S. National Team player selection


Florida's Dale Tallon will have direct input when player selection gets underway for the next U.S. national team. He joins quite the colorful cast of characters, as outlined several days ago by USA...

Stevie Y to steer Lightning?


Turnover in SE Division management roles just about complete

Building a Contender: Atlanta Salary Efficiency 2009-10


Where does Atlanta rank in post-lockout salary efficiency? Which players were a good value and which were not?

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