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2012 NHL Lockout: Searching for signs of hope


Searching for a sign that the 2012 NHL lockout will cease sooner rather than later,

Three years ago on Raw Charge: Idle times, empty speculation


While the center of this story focused on the empty speculation coming from noted rumor mongers of yore, it still applies to the new breed of rumor-mongers that have popped up on Twitter, filling the news void with fantasy and claiming insiders knowledge.

Quick strikes and links for Friday, July 6th, 2012


Developmental camp continues in Brandon; the Matt Carle signing on several levels; Scott Howson and the Peter Principle in the NHL; all that and Tiffany with the weather forecast (or not) in this...

About those Roberto Luongo rumors....


With a single benching, speculation about Roberto Luongo's future in Vancouver went into overdrive in the media and among idle fans.

Stammergeddon: Rumors, paranoia, and Tampa Bay sports


If you listened to the wrong sources, it was the end of the world - or would be shortly. "Stammergeddon" was an example of Tampa Bay fans insecurity, and also Twitter's amplification of wild hot...

Tuesday night link dump and open thread


It's the off-season, it's Tuesday night, it's time to chat hockey and in general with the Raw Charge crew on our link dump and open thread.

Filling the news void, one unsourced falsehood at a time


Idle speculation is the devil... but some people have made a very successful career out of it -- as long as you disregard their ill-repute.



Sort of off topic, but with the off season for 28 teams in full swing (Congrats to the Pens and Wings on making it to the Finals), the rumor mill will be ramping up regarding everyone and everything but the kitchen sink for most every team. Well, at least that's the way Hockey Buzz works. Hockey Buzz Hogwash tracks the rumors being spread on Hockey Buzz. Think of it as a Rotten Tomatoes site specifically dedicated to hockey and Eklund... But instead of tracking opinions of films, it tracks accuracy of rumor mongering originating from Hockey Buzz.

Venting on the "Rumors"


I don't usually take shots at other bloggers - even when there's a debatable topic on their blog. I usually let Keith handle it because he's more articulate and better at channeling his...

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