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All Possible Outcomes of Kings' Sale

Let's not waste any time with flowery rhetoric, and keeps things as simple and exact as possible: Having been given a recommendation from their Relocation Committee, all thirty NBA owners plan to...

Hansen Still Trying To Buy Kings


Even if NBA owners vote against relocating the Kings to Seattle, Chris Hansen is still pursuing the sale of the team. Apparently, he and the Maloofs are now considering an idea where Hansen still buys the team but keeps the Kings in Sacramento for at least a year. The plan is that, if the new Sacramento arena is not on-schedule or if Kings attendance does not increase, Hansen (as the new Kings owner) will re-apply for relocation to Seattle next year. The article doesn't speculate about what would happen if Hansen buys the Kings but the NBA continues to deny relocation, however. It appears that Hansen & Co. are willing to take a page out of the Clay Bennett handbook in order to purchase an NBA franchise, and the league might consider, once again, using an out-of-town owner as leverage to spur arena construction. Who knows how many tricks Chris has up his sleeve.....

O/T: L.A. city council approves plan for downtown football stadium


Not unlike the Seattle city council recently giving the okay for the new Sonics SoDo arena, the Los Angeles city council just unanimously approved the development of a new $1.5 billion stadium next to Staples Arena. And just like the Sonics plan, ground will not be broken until an NFL agrees to move (said team will, probably, play in the L.A. Coliseum until the already-named Farmer's Field is completed). There's already plenty of speculation on which team(s) will move, and remember that the NFL has required any team to make its intentions to move known sometime between January and February 15th. Also noted in the article is that billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong is interested in buying AEG (the company building the new stadium), and he might look to purchase a team to move to LA.

Bills make sense as candidate to move to L.A.


Didn't see this posted on here, apologies if I missed it. Anyway, nothing breaking here other than the apparent declining quality of PFW's editorial staff. A few issues with this article... Owner Ralph Wilson's position has never changed — the team will go to the highest bidder after he dies. While he has expressed his desire for the Bills to stay in Buffalo, it will be out of his hands. This is an assumption at best, and fabrication at worst. Wilson's estate will handle the sale of the team when he dies according to any provisions in Wilson's will and league interests. While this very well may be the highest bidder, it is not a certainty. Although it is the MLB, Cuban has been rebuffed multiple times just because the owners don't like him. a move to L.A. makes sense, where... ... the TV market is huge. Fairbanks clearly doesn't have any understanding of NFL economics if he thinks this is a factor. The Bills, unlike the Vikings, Chargers and Rams, will be up for sale sooner than later, as Wilson is 92 years old. While I understand that mortality tables aren't kind to someone Mr. Wilson's age, it is grossly in appropriate to assume the death of someone who is living, especially in such callous terms. None of this is to suggest Buffalo fans shouldn't be nervous about the future of the team in WNY (I for one am mortified). However, that does not give license to such wanton commentary that artificially raises the collective anxiety level any higher than need be.

The Franchise Shuffle


With the team formerly known as the Thrashers heading to Winnipeg, is this the end of hockey in Atlanta?

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