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It's So Hard To Say Goodbye

How do I say goodbye to what we had? Remember the time Felix threw his perfect game, and I only commented on it after finding out he threw a perfect game on Facebook? And how about all those...


Ricky Romero

What is your view on ricky romero? should we give up on him? give him the offseason? Trade him? The way ricky is looking right now he might be better off playing AAA for the rest of the season. the...

Dear Offseason: an open letter


What everyone really wants to say to the offseason.

R.I.P. Gary Carter


I know there's no immediate connection with the Brewers, but Gary Carter was one of my favorite baseball players growing up.





Goodbye, Farewell and Amen: I'm leaving Cageside Seats

As Geno alluded to,  I'm leaving my post here for an opportunity at another site.  Out of fairness to everyone I won't go into why or say where, but it will be easy to find me and I'm looking...

This is the way the Thrashers end. Not with a bang, but a whimper.


No "11 Great Seasons." No "Thank You Fans." Not even a "1999-2011." It all seems so cold. We will miss you, Thrashers. And Thrasher fans, we stand by you, for you deserve better than this.

Mora to coach at Bellevue High School


Many of you have probably seen this by now, but for those who haven't: Jim Mora Jr. will be joining the Bellevue High coaching staff in a yet-to-be-determined capacity.

Fangraphs adds Wins Above Replacement (WAR)


Also dollar values per year. Obviously, it's not perfect -- not everyone will agree with the defensive stats, market value, or the replacement level. wRAA (wOBA Runs Above Average) isn't yet park adjusted there. bUZR needs to be completed (in the works), arm ratings are needed, as well as baserunning, catcher defense, and so on. It also seems they haven't done pitchers yet... But it's still pretty cool. I like(d) doing it myself and pretending to be an analyst. There goes 85% of my posts, which is probably a relief to you all. You don't need me anymore, if you ever did (although I'm happy to see that many of their evaluations met my own). Hmmmm... since fangraphs also usually carries the James, CHONE, ZiPS, and other projections... well, let's just say it's a good thing BP does fantasy and has EqBRR. Here are some Royals (and others of interest) WARs/$ values (in millions) from 2008. Remember that for position players, "2" is about average: Alex Gordon: 2.7/$12.1 David DeJesus: 3.8/$17.1 Mike Aviles: 4.4/$19.8 Jose Guillen: 0.2/$0.9 Emil Brown: 0.5/$2.1 Coco Crisp: 1.1/$4.9 Mark Teahen: 0.3/$1.2 Mark Grudzielanek: 1.6/$7.0 Alberto Callaspo: 1.2/$5.2 Ross Gload: -0.5/-$3.5 Justin Huber: 0.2/$0.9 Tony Pena, Jr: -1.3/-$5.8 Ryan Shealy: 0.7/$3.2 Billy Butler: 0.1/$0.5 Mike Jacobs: -0.2/-$0.7 Mathew Tupman: 0.1/$0.3

Thanks for the Memory, Junior


After saying goodbye to Orlando Cabrera, it seemed oddly appropriate to do the same, in abbreviated fashion, for the White Sox other high-profile hired gun, Ken Griffey Jr. After all, Junior was...

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