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Quick Strikes and Open Thread

The financial divide between teh NHL and NHLPA is narrowing, but the hyperbole is ratcheting up. Marty does not want to fade away, Roloson goes back to school, Luongo rumors, and Caps fans don't quite feel like shopping right now.

Pitino to announce [insert hyperbole] this afternoon

From C.L. Brown's blog (Charlie Strong's 4th favorite): U of L will have a press conference Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. to announce a pair of assistant men's basketball coaching hires, but the third...

The Power and the Glory of Preseason Hockey

The Passion of the Preseason

Derek Jeter is SI's "Sportsman of the Year"

Sorry for the flood of fanshots as of late, but I thought this was an interesting choice by Sports Illustrated. The article is, of course, ridiculous and slobbers all over Jeter, with lots of hyperbole and good times. Thankfully, the SI SotY award will continue to go unnoticed by 99% of the population.

Giants beat Dodgers to finish winning spring

I thought this might have been an April Fools, but no such luck. Thank you to the Associated Press for getting us Ginats lovers all amped up for the season... it's only the second time in 11 years they've had a winning record in spring... in your face MLB! Teh season is already over.... woot

Marlon Lucky's Husker Finale

Marlon Lucky's career at Nebraska ends at the Gator Bowl. Whether or not his career at Nebraska is viewed as a success or a failure depends on your perspective and how much you bought into the hype when he was being recruited.

Viciedo Rhetoric Becoming Ridiculous

The hype surrounding Dayan Viciedo has gotten Ridiculous. He practically a Hall of Famer already

Chicago Tribune Examines The Bears

Leading up toe the game, it's kinda funny to see the Bears fall all over themselves to avoid giving the Falcons any locker room ammunition. Lance Briggs actually called him "a modern-day Jim Brown" and they've done everything short of yelling "Godzilla!" so far. Hopefully Turner has a big game.

Keeping Them Honest: Hyperbole Alert

In my open letter to Ron Prince on Monday, I let him know that I would be keeping a much keener eye on his coaching from here on out. When I said that the honeymoon was over, I didn't just mean...

Corn Nation Asks You to Answer the Davos Question - Sort Of.

This past week, leaders from around the world got together at the World Economic Forum  in Davos, Switzerland to discuss how to make the world a better place.Youtube provided a method by which you...

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