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3 Q's with New Jersey Devils blog In Lou We Trust

The New Jersey Devils are in the midst of their own slump, standing winless in their past five games. John Fischer from In Lou We Trust sheds some light on the recent Devils troubles... And they are not all related to the absence of Martin Brodeur i

The Best of In Lou We Trust So Far

This is a list of what readers of In Lou We Trust consider to the best posts they've read over the past five+ years.

The NHL Officially Locks Out the Players

As of midnight on September 15, the NHL will lockout the players. This is a short post summarizing some feelings about it as well as stating what will happen at In Lou We Trust now.

2012 ILWT Audition Results: Welcome Karen & Jerry as New Writers

On August 2, I posted the eleventh and final audition post for new writers for In Lou We Trust. A decision languished for over a week as I sought the opinions of others, read the posts, and...

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Now's Your Opportunity

As In Lou We Trust grows, there's a growing need for more help on the premier New Jersey Devils site for opinion & analysis. In this post, I ask users to apply for one or two regular writing positions as well as for the vacant Devils in the Details spot.

Sleektooned Blog Logos 3: Now it's a Trilogy!

The series continues! Alternate logos for In Lou We Trust, Matchsticks & Gasoline, and Defending Big D. Enjoy!

Welcome New ILWT Writers: Rob, Josh, & C.J.

Earlier this month, I put out a "help wanted" post looking for two new writing positions for In Lou We Trust.  I did this because of how successful the last time I did something like that.  Back...

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Daily Links Poster & Scoring Chance Recorder Wanted

My name is John Fischer and I want you - to help here at In Lou We Trust for two specific writing positions.  Let's take a step back first, about the site. Prior to the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, I...

ILWT Audition Conclusion: 3 New Front Page Writers

New writers announced at In Lou We Trust, as well as revealing which ILWT user wrote which audition post over the last week.

Want to Write at In Lou We Trust? Here's Your Chance

Since launching on November 2008 on SBN, and on October 2006 on Blogspot, In Lou We Trust has grown dramatically.  On SBN alone, as of this writing, this blog has tallied 850,165 page views (and...

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