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What do you like about the shortened season?


The Lightning blogosphere shares their thoughts about what aspects, if any, they'd like to see the NHL retain from this year's shortened schedule


Attacking Ken Campbell's Anti-Leafs Nonsense

Ken Campbell is wrong. Very, very wrong. In his latest gem of an article he proclaims that the Leafs have never had a "true superstar" on the team, that Sundin doesn't belong in the HHOF in his...

Compared to Ken Campbell, Burnside's Piece is Pillow Talk


Please do post, as I did, just exactly what you think of this post. What a piece of trash!

Dallas Stars Approach NHL For Revenue Advance; Team Has Not Received Loan


"There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee - that says, fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me......you can't get fooled again." -President George W....

Jeffrey Vinik's Modus Operandi


The sounds of silence dominate Jeffrey Vinik's search for a CEO for the Tampa Bay Lightning... And he wouldn't like it better any other way. While the media shares speculation-as-fact with readers,...

Ken Campbell blames the CBA for not preventing the Kovi situation


Ken Campbell wrote a THN column that basically blamed the CBA/lockout/salary cap for not fixing everything and making everything perfect -- even saying the lockout was supposed to prevent the Kovlachuk situation (?!?!). The Hockey Plumber issues a nice rebuttal.

Catnip for Columnists


I love it when hockey columnists talk about restricted free agents. The reason I love it is because they almost invariably get it wrong. Take Ken Campbell of THN, from his blog entry today:Speaking...

Fighting Vs. Hitting


The picture here is Ethan Moreau hitting Dustin Brown, taken from a February game against L.A. Brown had taken a run at Ladislav Smid, and Moreau decided to avenge him with one of the best open-ice...

JFJ Regresses?


Allison!?!?!The scary thing in that Kenny Campbell article is not that Lindros is likely going to make more than he should it is that JFJ might be looking to undo all the goodwill (small as it may...

Oh My God! They Lost Kenny


Thankfully, he is not dead. However, everyone's favourite Maple Leafs-following writer has moved onto greener pastures (is there anything better than writing about the Leafs?) at the Hockey News.T...

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