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Glimpses Behind the Curtain

Now that Linden and Benning have finished the draft and the initial shaping of the roster for next season, we're getting a sense of their philosophy and style of team building. Clips from the press...

Barry Trotz 2013-14 Season Review


Former head coach Barry Trotz, now with the Washington Capitals, took one on the chin in his dismissal from Nashville this year. But was what happened his fault?


ClumsyPoll: Mike Kogan. Why'd he say that?

MMA manager Mike Kogan doesn't like fighter complaints about pay it seems. At the very least he didn't like Jose Aldo's comments. Besides the obvious idiocy of a white guy calling someone a...

The Get Real Rankings

Sometimes expectations just don't match up with reality in the NBA. Here's a look at some teams that have busted the narrative after the start of the season. Teams That Need to Get Real N...


Fanpost: What if DCU's owners wanted to rebuild?

In which a reader asks who would be available if Jason Levien & Co. decided to cut ties with Dave Kasper and Ben Olsen.

Project Management Philosophy - The Mitigation of Risk


Can the Steve Tambellini era in Edmonton be defined by a willingness to accept an unreasonable degree of risk at the start of each season?

Amauri's Still Here, Rejecting Every Move In Sight


Carrying Amauri out on a stretcher might be one of the few options we have left... There are things in life that just make you want to...

Alessio Tacchinardi- No Holds Barred


Last Sunday, I posted a link on Facebook to a radio show "Tutti Pazzi per la Juve" who had several former Juventus players on the show. As I wrote in that link "Tacchinardi ran that shit." Indeed...

The Case For Delneri's Dismissal


Despite Matri’s double sparking the traveling tifosi to chant the chorus of one of Lady Gaga’s recent singles, Delneri’s team was unable to secure the victory with ten men against a spirited Cesena...

Cesena v Juventus: "Go Ahead, Make My Day"


Quote by Clint Eastwood, artwork courtesy of Sposato.al.Nemico The ability to not look back and get distracted by an event in the past is a mental feature many high level athletes work tirelessly...

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