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SEDiv Weekend Update: Caps win 3, Canes at the top


The Hurricanes return victorious from a grueling road trip at the top of the Southeast, while the Capitals get three wins. The Jets, Cats and Bolts all struggled to earn points. Meanwhile key...

Mark Chipman "disappointed"; apologizes to fans


Minutes after Gary Bettman delivered an impassioned press conference stating the NHL's current CBA offer to the NHLPA was off the table, Winnipeg Jets' owner Mark Chipman released a public statement.

Players/Owners CBA Negotiations -- Advanced Stats!


Eighteen players and six owners met behind closed doors over the last couple of days, and all we've gotten are vague updates as to their progress. But what really has been happening in these...

An open letter to Jeff Vinik


A respectful plea for compromise, for reconciliation, and an end to the 2012 NHL lockout.


3 possible outcomes for players, owners meeting

There are three possible outcomes for this week's NHL CBA meeting without Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr. The most likely is the one that's all too familiar.

Altitude Check: Jets' deny boardroom exchange


Mark Chipman goes on the record dismissing Joe Haggerty's report, Minnesota Wild goaltender Josh Harding is diagnosed with MS and the Portland Winterhawks are strapped with sanctions due to player...

Black Friday Review: The Instigator


"The Instigator", Jonathon Gatehouse's book about Gary Bettman's time as NHL commissioner, is a timely read for NHL fans.

Knowing the Enemy: The Winnipeg Jets? Seriously?


The Winnipeg Jets are the Canadiens next opponent. Here's why they suck.

A Winnipeg-Like Second Chance For These College Hockey Cities?


Which hockey cities deserve a second chance at hosting a Division I men's college hockey program?

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