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NBC New York explains why the Bengals are the Bengals and the Giants are the Giants

Thanks to his two Super Bowl titles, Tom Coughlin gets associated with pretty good company in the coaching fraternity. He may not be on the Bill Walsh level when it comes to ingenuity or the...

The Southeast this week: The end is near.


TV for the Canes; Panthers playoff drought; Caps loss overreaction; and lots of airplane puns. The week that was in the Southeast.

Paul Hewitt, we have given up on you


Winfield comments on the state of Georgia Tech basketball.

UConn picked sixth in preseason media poll


Big E, taking a break between lobsters, discusses the state of UConn. (Courant) Mediocrity, meet UConn. UConn, I believe you know mediocrity pretty well by now. Big East media day kicked off this...

Defensive line gets thinner. And not in the good, Richard Simmons kind of way


This is Marcus Campbell. Say goodbye to Marcus Campbell, everyone. At least for this season. Hey, remember Marcus Campbell? No? Well, no big...

And the Award for Cheesiest Headline Goes to....


USA Today for the article "It's no stretech to say yoga has benefited skater Sasha Cohen." So, if you are interested in yoga and Sasha and not much else, here is the article for you! An annoying...

The Great Debate About TE L.J. Smith


L.J. Smith, former tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, is scheduled to meet with the Atlanta Falcons Thursday. The Falcoholic isn't so sure about his chances in Atlanta.

Game 17: Mike's Recap


I don't want to pile on the Avs for their horrible play last night (outside of Budaj, that is), but here's a list of words* that came to mind over the course of last night's game: abhorrent, ...

The 49ers and NFC West: It's never too early for conclusions


My intial plan was to post some of the player quotations and some analysis on what they had to say.  Unfortunately for me, most of the quotes lacked the kind of sizzle that make for good analysis. ...

Would 7 Wins in 2008 Make You Happy?


The Omaha World-Herald recently conducted an online poll which showed that most respondents would be happy with seven wins and a bowl game for Nebraska football in 2008.  That caught me by...

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