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Former NHL player Mike Modano would have 'no issue' with gay teammate

For the next two weeks we’re running a daily series of our conversations on the red carpet at the ESPYs. This is the seventh in the series. On the day Mike Modano was named to the U.S. Hockey...

"Don't Change That Dial!" Well I did, thankfully!

How I became a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and saved myself over 35 years of grief.

Sports History 101: The Myth Of Contraction

Everyone's always talking about contraction -- contract this team, contract that team. But if history has taught us anything, not only has contraction barely happened at all, it's certainly not something we should expect to see any time soon.

(Guest) Cartoon Explosion - The Legend of the Seal

Sal Barry of Puck Junk was so inspired by an old post of mine that he penned a prequel. The Legend of the Seal -- some hockey history with a lot of cartoons!

The power of 8: Kings take the underdog route to the Finals

The Los Angeles Kings have taken the tough road to the Stanley Cup Finals. Are they the greatest underdog in NHL history? Only if you consider them to be underdogs.

What Scouts Said About the 1987 Draft Class

Taking a look at the scouting reports for the top 21 prospects in 1987, wherein Glen Wesley was tough, but apparently he was no Wayne McBean. A friendly reminder that some parts of these evaluations are absolutely, utterly meaningless.

Lafleur's Rookie Hat Trick Trifecta

Guy Lafleur's three hat tricks in 1972 were an NHL rookie record for nearly 20 years.

Jets and a Rant on Relocations

This is precisely some of the stuff I was arguing early this year, only much more eloquently written (as Ellen is wont to do).

Gomez Should Consult The Pocket Rocket on Goal Slumps

Scott Gomez's goal slump is on pace with that of a Habs Hall of Famer

This Day in Habs History for Oct 29

October 29 was a milestone day for several Montreal Canadiens legends.

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