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Wednesday's Coyotes Tracks - Dethroned


The Coyotes took care of business last night by beating the Los Angeles Kings 3-1. More on that and other stories in today's edition of the Tracks.

Shea Weber's offer-sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers feels awfully familiar

The Philadelphia Flyers snatching the face of another franchise away, via offer-sheet? That sounds awfully familiar to this Tampa Bay Lightning fan...

Rafa: "Cool out!"


At Rafa's latest press conference, he asked for patience and said it was not time to panic yet concerning the transfer market. I agree, but it did, for some odd reason, remind me of what is...

Preseason Game 2: Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Recap

- I was impressed with how quickly Mo Williams pushed the ball up the court when he set his mind to it. In fact during the first several possessions of the game Williams, and LeBron James, pushed...

Stadium Etiquette


Dear Angel Stadium Production Staff:You put on a good show. The player theme songs, the scripted “Third Base Steal,” the Rally Monkey videos, et cetera. While it is the Angels that inspire us, you...

8th Inning Singalong at Shea: let's make it Wooly Bully


The Mets are letting the fans choose which song will be the "8th Inning Singalong" at Shea Stadium this year, and it is imperative that Mets fans get it changed, because last year they played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" at almost every game (nothing against Neil--I love the guy's music, but it has always felt so wrong to me to be ripping off the Red Sox like that). Anyway, the link to vote is above. A couple of the song choices that they provide are pretty decent (Wilson Pickett, anyone?), but I am urging everyone I know to write in "Wooly Bully," by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Once you've filled out the voting form and submitted it, you can press the back button on your browser and the voting form will appear with all of your information still entered, so you don't have to keep putting it in. Vote early, and vote often! Contest ends soon. (Disclosure: I've got season tickets this year, so I am really, really interested in getting a good song. If I have to hear "Sweet Caroline" 30+ more times I don't know what I'll do.)

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