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Riku Helenius on unconditional waivers


Riku Helenius is on unconditional waivers today, for the purpose of terminating his contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The World Cup of Hockey is Coming.


NHL players are participating in the Sochi Winter Games and the Men's Hockey Tournament is the tentpole event, but the NHL stands to gain little from it all. Hence, an alternative lurks on the...

Know Your CBA: 'Retained Salary' Trades & Miller


NHL teams can't actually trade cap room under the 2013 CBA, but they can make trades that open up additional cap space to add high-paid players.

LBC's Guide to NHL Waivers


The waiver process changed for the better in the 2012 CBA. Re-entry waivers, which even the teams didn't understand, are gone. LBC explains the new, simplified system.

NHL delays PED testing


The NHL has shown some commitment towards testing for the Human Growth Hormone, but it will wait at least another season to test for it. Is the NHL skating around the issue?

Understanding the CBA - Episode 1: The Beginning


In this series, we'll take a look at each article of the new CBA in attempts to gather a full understanding of how it works. Today we've got the Preamble and the first seven articles to look at,...

NHL CBA: NCAA loophole altered...barely


The CBA rules have been clarified on the NCAA "loophole," but Anders Lee still could have become a free agent this summer if he really wanted to.

The Season Salvaged, Fehr's NHL Legacy Takes Shape


Everyone seemed to know what was coming when the NHLPA made Fehr, a veteran sports labor boss, an advisor during the 2009 season. But with a deal signed and games underway, his hockey legacy...


5 NHLers most impacted by the lockout

Some NHLers saw their contracts become targets in the CBA war. Some have anchor contracts that are suddenly movable. Some are getting a second chance at just the right time.

How the New NHL CBA May Affect the Penguins


Just in time for Groundhog Day, the NHL will have its 2012 season after all. The ink of the new CBA hasn't dried just yet, but the major concessions have been made public. How will they affect...

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