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FransFellas: Nielsen Fined $5,000 for Slash


The NHL has fined New York Islanders center Frans Nielsen $5,000 for a slash on the Coyotes' Martin Hanzal during Tuesday's game on Long Island. In this dramatization of the fine being issued,...

Big Hits: How NHL Can Promote Good over Bad


Big hits are a memorable part of the game for the fans and sometimes the hitter. Given increasing safety concerns, I suggest a proactive approach for the league to explain good hits in the hopes of...

Sharks Gameday: A Brief History of Torres


Taking a look at Raffi Torres's career highlights on YouTube and the comments he has inspired.

Transcript: NHL Disciplinary Video for Lubomir

A satirical take on Islanders defenseman (for now) Lubomir Visnovsky's racing accident over the weekend.

NHL Fan Survey


Fan perceptions vary from market to market, and Geoff Detweiler from Broad Street Hockey / SB Nation Philly has put together a survey (very short) trying to gauge fan perceptions on league bias and discipline. There's no timeline on when this survey must be completed by, and the results will be made available to the public at a later date.

The rules are made to be broken when a playoff series is on the line


A lack of leadership in the NHL executive offices has made it tough to suspend a player when a playoff series is on the line.

What Taiwan thinks of the 2012 NHL Playoffs!


What Taiwan thinks of the 2012 NHL Playoffs!

The Great Irony of NHL Hockey


The people in charge of the NHL from the ownership, to Colin Campbell, to Brendan Shanahan are all decidedly "old school". A large portion of fans and media are as well. And by old school I mean...

A hit like that, don't even try to excuse it


If the league is taking a hard-line stance against hits-to-the-head, then there should be no excuse making for Ryan Malone's hit on Chris Campoli last night in Quebec City.


New Rules for Headshots and Boarding, Well done.

  I have on more than one occasion discussed how poorly the job of supplemental discipline and player safety was handled by former Head-honcho Colin Campbell.  When the NHL FINALLY decided to move...

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