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Salary Cap Violation by Wilson? Via TSN

Wilson apparently "posted" some cash for a little extra motivation for the win against the Sharks. Is this a violation of the cap?

Contract Savings by keeping Hall/Paajarvi out of the NHL

dawgbone at After The Green Light beats me to the punch by three days with a look at the Salary Cap savings gained by keeping Taylor Hall and Magnus Paajarvi out of the NHL.

PP: Building Teams in the Salary Cap Era

Pauly C posted this in comments on the playoffs post, but as he suggested it makes for a good FanShot, too. Discuss.

Cap Geek Salary Cap Info

the best site i've seen with salary cap info.

Chere: Salary Cap Ceiling could Fall

Given that the lionshare of this past week's posts and posts to come are about free agents, this is definitely a good topic to keep in mind. A lower ceiling will definitely affect salaries, allowing the Devils to be able to get players for a little less than you or I may think. Of course, it also means the Devils have less room to offer free agents - the opposite side of the coin. Since there has been no official announcement, it's all speculation at this point. For all you and I know, nothing will change for the 2009-10 season. Incidentally, posts on free agent defensemen (and other topics) will resume after Memorial Day.

Tom Benjamin on the salary-cap squeeze

Good post by Benjamin that takes a look at the mess the NHL could be in two years from now should revenues fall significantly next season. The Flyers, for instance, have $44-million committed to the salary cap for 2010-11 and don't have a goaltender under contract. Teams like Edmonton, Detroit and Pittsburgh are up there in terms of commitments, too. The only solution I can think of is an artificially raised cap, one that allows teams to fit more players in and pay out less via existing contracts. Escrow would get even higher than it is now, and the salary cap figure would merely be funny money dollars. The NHLPA's optional cap inflation bump of 5 per cent suddenly becomes more important, if only to keep the cap right where it is. Revenues may be up slightly this season, but there's no question they're in for a hit.

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