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Respect the Discussion

It's not the discussion that's the problem. It's how and where it takes place. It's not the fact that ownership is willing to listen to the fans (if not heed them) or try to re-assure them, it's...

The reign of Mediocrity is Over

Today's been a good day... Some good business got done, some good things are happening in life... ...And the Gruden/Allen ineptitude complex at One Buccaneer Place is history. Check out Buc'Em...

Everywhere. Nowhere. Your Tampa Bay Lightning 30 games in

Mike Chen can't look away at the train wreck here in Tampa, and who can blame him? Ooh, blame... Good subject for an article Mike! Have at it!   The real culprit? I can see why people can point...

Welcome to Tampa, Oren and Len

You are not making the most of first impressions in hockey circles. Just saying.

I'm in denial.

He's gone. It can't be so... But it is? The last few months I have not been comfortable with the direction of the Lightning. Seeing Brad Richards go was painful - though I am told it was a done...

Knee-jerk and jerk-jerk

My frustration from last night (and recently) is chronicled. We'll leave it at that. I'm not a sell out though. I'm a Lightning fan. I've endured the Lightning through expansion mediocrity, to...

Exclusivity and Fearmongering

It was announced yesterday that Oren Koules and Co. at OK Hockey have entered into exclusivity with Palace Sports and Entertainment to purchase the Tampa Bay Lightning, the lease to the St. Pete...

ownership suitors more competitive than the team?

The St. Pete Times found it more relevant to update the fans about the Lightning suitor situation this morning -- putting it on the non-Bucs cover of the Sports section. Within the article, you're...

Absolute Hockey falls down, goes boom

This falls squarely under the "WTF" category... The sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning from Palace Sports and Entertainment to Absolute Hockey LTD. has fallen through Palace Sports nixed the...

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