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Promotion, Relegation, and Parity Parties.

MLS doesn't have promotion and relegation, but that doesn't mean it lacks late season drama. Well, at least this year.

Does Pac-12 parity help or hurt Utah?


The Pac-12 looks legitimately tough this year ... but it's also a very balanced conference. Does that balance help the Utes in the long run?


With Howard a Laker, is Parity Dead in the NBA?

The NBA has essentially become a two-team league now that Dwight Howard is a Laker. Does the end of the Dwightmare really mark the death of parity in the NBA? Or, has parity been an illusion all...


Dwight Howard Trade: Its Effect on Parity and the Warriors (Discuss)

Discussion about the D12 to Lakers Mega Trade and its effect on Parity in the NBA (and how it relates to Warriors fans)


Violation of Parity!!!!

Times are slow... So instead of fabricating football news and drowning ourselves in optimism, I figured I would grace this dear great forum with a little physics. For those interested, I will be...

The power of 8: Kings take the underdog route to the Finals


The Los Angeles Kings have taken the tough road to the Stanley Cup Finals. Are they the greatest underdog in NHL history? Only if you consider them to be underdogs.

What Happened to Parity?


Has league parity really increased since the institution of the salary range?

2010-11: A Statistical "Meh" for the NHL


Taking a look at league parity and scoring, and how the Dead Puck Era lives on well after the Lockout.

Parity: What Is It And How Much Is Right? (Part 1)


A statistical look at league parity across many sports. Does MLS need more or less parity?

Competitive Balance II.V: Upward and Downward Mobility


As you can see, baseball is the laggard again. However, unlike the graph above, this data shows that the NHL is just as mobile as the NFL, and the NBA isn't far behind.

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