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Reddit's Annual Mock Draft For The Texans

Battle Red Blog's Brett Kollmann represented the Houston Texans in one of the largest mock draft events of the year over the weekend. See how it all went down!

Quick Strikes: Sochi is no Lake Placid

USA versus Russia was thrilling, but it wasn't that big... J.P. Cote's sitting for a while for a hit in Norfolk.

Ducks Gameday: Blues Fans Do Not Like Referees

Ducks @ Blues, and what Blues fans hate the most.

Alleged closeted gay Div.1 football player taking your questions

We have no idea if this person is legit (and frankly, after the Mikey hoax, we wouldn't trust any anonymous person on the Internet). But someone on Reddit claims to be a starting offensive lineman...

Revs Escalating Stadium Talks At Wonderland

Word came out last week that the New England Revolution were back in talks with Revere about building a stadium at the old Wonderland Dog Track, and Brian Bilello lent some credence to the news. Is it a workable solution for the Revs?

Reddit created NHL fan census

The Reddit hockey community is trying to create a new NHL fan census map. I link here to the Lightning Reddit group post about the subject, which links to both the survey and the original fan census map they are trying to replicate. The census survey only asks a bare minimum of questions (your zip code, your team). lets try to get more than a handful of Lightning fan responses on this, shall we?

Reddit-created NHL Census Survey

They just ask for favorite team, country you live in and ZIP Code (or equivalent for other countries, I assume). Let's get some extra Wild participants on board.

Reddit Hockey

A surprising lack of Preds fans on r/hockey. Join up! Also, join http://www.reddit.com/r/predators

Cageside Seats, SB Nation and Vox Media Officially Oppose SOPA and PIPA

CagesideSeats.com -- as well as SB Nation and Vox Media -- make an official stand to oppose SOPA and PIPA.

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