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Catching up with Patrick Burke of You Can Play


The co-founder of the organization dedicated to promoting equality, respect and safety for athletes regardless of sexual orientation updates us on what's happened over the last year and offers a...

Augusta National admits two women: Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore


Former Secretary of State Condoleeze Rice and businesswoman Darla Moore are the first two women admitted to Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters. Women have been knocking on the door of...

Anheuser-Busch tells UFC to stop the anti-gay and sexist language


Anheuser-Busch has told Ultimate Fighting Championship to curtail the sexist and homophobic language of their fighters, or they will take action. Budweiser's parent company is a huge sponsor of...

Jonathan Vilma's 'asshole tendencies'


Last week, New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma Tweeted that grown men shouldn’t act feminine. He denied being homophobic and sexist, and in doing so he proved he’s just an asshole. I don’t...

Jonathan Vilma, Vonta Leach say men 'should not hav female tendencies'


New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma caught some fire on Wednesday night when he Tweeted about how grown men should behave, and many say he's making a comment on sexual orientation. If he...

Masters bars female reporter from the locker room on thrilling Sunday


The Masters Tournament is apologizing today for what they call a "misunderstanding" that kept a female reporter out of the locker room on the final day of the tournament. Bergen Record reporter...

All tags Related: Japan men's soccer team flies business class, women stuck in economy


Excuse me, I'm restraining use of about twenty different expletives to tell you that Homare Sawa, a World Champion, is right in this article. How are the under-23 male soccer players more "professional" than Nadeshiko, the fucking world cup champions?! Someone submitted this to my blog on male privilege and I posted a response text that I stand by. http://aboutmaleprivilege.tumblr.com/post/27566919309/male-privilege-is-when-your-world-class-soccer if you want to see me eat a seal in fury.

Cluelessness and Sexism is Alive and Well in Sports


It's ridiculous how a multi-billion USD industry tends to ignore a sizable portion of the market. It's even more ridiculous how such a dominant aspect of American life tends to dismiss an entire gender. "As a female sports fan I would like to believe that in 2011 sports teams, leagues and companies recognize they have a very large female following and they would do their best to market not only to men, but to the knowledgeable female base as well. Within the past few months I have been led to believe the opposite."

Corn Flakes: Is Not Looking At Your..... Uh... Well, We're Not.


Corn Flakes looks around the Big Ten, but we're not looking there.... you know.... maybe just for a moment, But we're NOT STARING

So Let's Hammer Out This Sexist & Cliched Analogy About Moose & Hosmer


Thought #1: Wow, so like, Moose or Hosmer is sorta like the "Ginger or Maryann" question for Royals fans these days. At the very least I should tweet this. Maybe it's a whole post. Hmm. Thought...

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