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Love, or at least a high level of mutual respect is in the air

The relationship between Tampa Bay's professional teams is strong and it's based on the mutual admiration between the men in charge.

Is goaltender Mike Smith being shopped?

Have the Bolts been showcasing goaltender Mike Smith, who has started six of the past nine games? A report from the Philadelphia area suggests so.


Provincialism has long held back the Tampa Bay region for different reasons. Provincialism once again comes to the limelight as the Tampa Bay Rays seek a stadium that may end up outside the St. Pete city limits.

Expectations Rays'd

Over the course of the history of this weblog and my blogging in general on the Internet, I've had some problems with the Tampa Bay professional baseball franchise. I've had some problems with the...

Juiced story syndrome

Rays / Red Sox about to get underway on TBS (why the hell did MLB approve putting all playoff games in the first two rounds on basic cable?!) but I wanted to bring up MSNBC trying to milk...

The best record in baseball

As of right now... it's that baseball team that plays home games in St. Pete. Yes, your Tampa Bay Rays. There have been so many instances so far this season where a title next to the Rays name...

Pro stadium? Anti Stadium? It's just childish

What do you do when someone is trying to voice disapproval of the new Rays ballpark propsoed by the team? Answer: Block signs of the anti-sentiment. Hat tip to St. Petersblog.

So when will they show?

The Tampa Bay area seems to be in disbelief right now with the team that resides in St. Petersburg performing in a certainly non sub-mediocre level that the area is so accustomed to. Yes, the...

"Major risk, major reward?" or "Evan Almighty!"

I've gotten used to the New York Islanders pulling stuff like this and I've also gotten used to the Tampa Bay lack-of-Devil Rays pulling this on a cost effective platform in the past... But a nine...

On the Water, or in the drink?

Do the Rays really need a new stadium? At the same time, do they really need a new stadium on a cramped location on the water that offers no parking? Continues life on the tip of the Pinellas...

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