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The Sixers Rebuild: What We've Learned


One year in, what can be definitively said about rebuilding life under Sam Hinkie?


Pick-Swap: a Tanking Solution

Nobody really wants to watch a tankfest. Even when players are competing hard, it's tough to enjoy a game you sort of want to lose. My solution is to incentivize potential lottery teams to swap...


That T Word

I'm tired of people using that word tanking. All I've been hearing is tank tank tank tank tank. It's the most overused word in the NBA. It doesn't even guarantee success. People say that it's bad...

Time To Panic Over The Pelicans?


The New Orleans Pelicans have lost eight consecutive games and are currently just outside the bottom 5 teams in the NBA. Is the Sixers' second 2014 1st round pick in jeopardy?


What Are The Sixers Really Doing, and What other Fan Bases Fail to Understand

I don’t mind the tanking BUT……. the blatant losing on purpose without showing any competitive spirit or desire to win games or develop players makes me sick to my stomach. might as well not...

Tank Watch: Are the Sixers Tanking Too Well?


SB Nation's Tom Ziller asks if the Sixers are tanking too much. Is he right?

The Downbeat #1285: Mad Marvin Edition


Where Marvin is better than a late round pick, Derrick Favors is terrific, and we are all Max Chang.

Sixers-Bucks Preview: Happy Buxers Day!


Bad basketball on the docket tonight, folks.


WigginsWatch IV: Tanksta's Paradise

There's two weeks left until the trade deadline, and one topic that I don't think has gotten much play around these parts recently is how long General Sam Hinkie has waited to trade his obvious...

On Tanking's Negative Effects


What the Sixers have tried to do to curb the negatives that come with tanking, plus the usual extras.

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