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Ducks Gameday: A Team of Olympic Marvels


The Ducks are spreading their talent out all over the 2014 Olympic games, but no one really cares about the Sharks' or Kings' talent. Ducks @ Predators.

Report: Bolts sign Swiss star Reto Suri


The Swiss-A league star will play one more season in Europe before coming to North America and joining the Lightning organization.

World Championships: Canada loses game 4-1 and more importantly Stamkos


WC's: Canada loses game 4-1 and more importantly Steven Stamkos

Mark Streit sitting out the World Championship


Citing exhaustion after playing 82 NHL games of 25:41 per game, plus captaining his team at the Olympics, Mark Streit will sit out this spring's World Championship. Just thought I'd front-page that info (the above link is in German) in case you missed the tip from LH reader Kaonashi in this FanShot. Outside of 2008 playoff duty with the Habs, Streit has represented his country at every WC since 1998, so I think he gets a pass.

Swiss Gameday: So many reasons to love Mark Streit


In praise of Mark Streit, before his Team Switzerland takes on Germany in a 2010 Olympic qualifier elimination game.

Canadians, Americans -- There's More to Play


One country cheers, one country fears, but remember -- the Canada/USA game was still just a preliminary round game.

Olympic wrap-up: USA rolls, Canada/Russia stumble


Wrapping up the Red Wings players' involvement in the Winter Olympics hockey. Rafalski scores two for Team USA's win over Norway.


Can-Sui/Slo-Rus [thread]

MSNBC is was the U.S. outlet (joined in progress after the U.S. women beat Finland), but now it's moved to CNBC, in keeping with NBC's abuse of hockey. This thread started as Canada-Switzerland,...

USA 3, Switzerland 1: Assist for Streit in uneven game


Islanders defenseman Mark Streit played well for the Swiss team he captained, but it wasn't enough in their 3-1 loss to Team USA.

Olympic games on tap for today, 2-16


Previewing the Olympic hockey games on schedule for Tuesday, February 16.

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