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Answer to the rumors, Marty


Addressing the trade request situation wth an admission or a denial is better for all parties and the fans than avoiding the situation.

Best MMA Writing of 2013: The Charlie Rowan story


The Best MMA Writing of 2013 looks at Mary Pilon, of the New York Times, and her feature on Charlie Rowan, an amateur Heavyweight cage fighter who faked his own death. It's a fascinating tale that...

Game over for Linda McMahon, as fatigue sets in?

A ringing endorsement of Chris Murphy by Barack Obama, while Linda McMahon annoys the general public with new ads that have nothing new to say, should be the final nails in her second $50 million...

Connecticut media endorse Linda McMahon's opponent


Linda McMahon took a hammering over the weekend as every newspaper that offered a candidate an endorsement, gave her the thumbs down, despite her opponent's obvious flaws. However, the worst burial...

WWE "Sets the Record Straight"


This is incredible stuff right here. Reading or listening to something get spun six ways from Sunday is always an interesting thing but this just goes to new levels. Excerpt: Accusation: "…the company…has been criticized for violent and sexually suggestive programming." Peter Wallsten – The Wall Street Journal – July 2, 2010 Truth: * All of WWE’s programming has been TV-PG since June 2008. * Friday Night SmackDown, which made its network debut in 1999 has always been rated TV-PG. * 87 percent of WWE fans say WWE content is appropriate for families. * Of the 14 million weekly viewers in the United States that watch WWE programming, six million are women. Accusation: "The company also has been accused of looking the other way as wrestlers, feeling pressured to maintain the pumped-up bodies showcased in the W.W.E., turned to steroids." - Ray Hernandez & Joshua Brustein – The New York Times – July 15, 2010 Truth: * WWE’s Talent Wellness Policy strictly prohibits the use of steroids, the abuse of prescription medications, performance enhancing drugs and the use, possession and/or distribution of illegal drugs. * WWE’s entire substance abuse and drug testing policy is independently administered by third party leading medical experts. * The Talent Wellness Program is designed to result in all WWE Talent being tested at a minimum four times a year, but may result in more frequent testing due to the random selection process.

Someone At The Grey Lady Likes Us


We make the front page of Thursday's New York Times, below the fold, left and center.

Adam Dunn in The WBC, Bowden Trade History, and Monday's Washington Nationals' Game Thread...


Does Adam Dunn's participation in the World Baseball Classic help the Washington Nationals in any way? Who's the Nationals' fifth starter? Did Jim Bowden do that?

Polling GSoM Makes The New York Times


Did you rock the vote? Polling GSoM: Cheer or Boo Monta Ellis? Polling GSoM: Do you want the Warriors to retain the indefinite right to void Monta Ellis' $66 million contract? OPEN...

At Long Last, the Gray Lady Speaketh


The New York Times finally publicly admits falsehoods were published in the article written by Thayer Evans about the recruitment of Jamarkus McFarland. Did the apology go far enough?

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