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We Want U-S-A!


That's what we chanted last night at the Canada vs. Slovakia game and tomorrow we're gonna get it. With the USA's stomping over Finland and Canada's win over Slovakia, the Olympics may have written...

Mercy Rules and Blowouts


Team Canada and Team USA's women's hockey teams have been handing out blowouts to teams in the Olympics like they are free candy. Because of that, a lot of talk has arisen about whether blowouts...

2010 Vancouver Olympics: USA vs Canada (Men's Hockey)


Will you now do the Mark Messier thing and guarantee to our readers that the United States will medal? [Laughs] Yeah, OK: I think the United States will medal. I'll guarantee that. Awesome. And...

Jerseys and Tracksuits


National pride on display in what locals and tourists are wearing in Vancouver right now

2010 Vancouver Olympic Hockey Game Thread: USA vs Russia (Women)


Who: USA (1-0) vs Russia (0-1), women's ice hockey Where: Thunderbird Stadium, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada When: 5:30 pm Eastern / 2:30 pm Pacific How: MSNBC...

J. Lamoureux's Hightlight-Reel Goal - US Women's Hockey


If you think that women can't play hockey, or that women's hockey is in no way as good as men's hockey is, then you should take a look at this video. This has been compared to something Ovechkin has done. But I've also seen Lecavalier do this as well.

Raw Charge - 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Coverage


Raw Charge will be covering the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic hockey tournament. Come join us!

Salo Makes 2010 Finland Olympic Team


No surprise. He's probably 1st or 2nd pair. Congrats to Sami! Stay healthy please...

Russia names Olympic roster


Russia is second out of the gate to announce its roster for Vancouver 2010: GoaliesIlya Bryzgalov, Evgeni Nabokov, Semyon Varlamov DefendersSergei Gonchar, Denis Grebeshkov, Dmitri Kalinin, K...

Looks Like a Comeback for Sasha Cohen!


Well, Philip Hersh says Sasha Cohen has alerted U.S. Figure Skating that she would accept an invitation to compete in Skate America, which indicates that she has decided to embark on the road to...

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