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Question of the Week: Seasons greetings, Tampa Bay Lightning holiday wishes


Tis the season! With the season of giving upon us, the question of the week wonders what Lightning fans want for the holidays?

The real reason Vinny was fired


It's a slideshow, click the link and go to the 12th image. I know this has been posted here before, but it's still funny. Found this through Fark.

too many classic quotes in here


too many classic quotes in here

SI.com is Wrong...Dan Snyder is a Top 20 Owner


5 reasons why Dan Snyder is not a bottom 5 worst owners of the NFL.

Rumorville Continues: Snyderrato hell bent on Sanchez


Seahawks fans are rejoicing at the expense of Redskins Nation: Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank god for Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato! Ok, I maybe getting a bit too excited to quickly, but there is some...

Scout Profile: Javon Ringer - RB - MSU


Redskins should take a hard look at Michigan State RB Javon Ringer as a backup for Clinton Portis. Devin Thomas could be a great asset in scouting this player since he played him for 3 years and...

Last Entry on Cutler


A friend of mine that works in the NFL, who will remain anonymous, said the Redskins definitely made an offer to Chicago for a 2nd round pick in exchange for Campbell. The Bears obviously did not...

Redskins Free Agency Strategy Leaked! (Flow Diagram)


An intricate look at the Redskins' front office workflow for signing free agents via work-flow diagram.

Vinny thinking about a lineup change...

[From the fanshots. I suppose we should all be encouraged that Vinny has thoughts. I say keep the starting lineup and stop doing the hockey line substitutions. -ed] Asked about whether he is considering a lineup change, Del Negro said: "I’ll think about that." Del Negro made a big, early substitution with the Bulls down 18-8, lifting Deng, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah, though the Bulls still trailed 27-18 after one quarter. Del Negro went extensively with John Salmons into the second quarter, and Salmons was the best Bull player of the night with 25 points. His second quarter play helped get the Bulls within 49-45 at halftime. Though the starters held firm to open the second half and were within 57-55 four minutes in, Del Negro then brought Salmons in for Tyrus Thomas, and soon thereafter Miller for Noah and Hinrich for Gordon.
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