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Caution, optimism: Are the Lightning for real?


The Lightning are one of the surprise teams of the early going in the NHL this season... Are they for real? A very cautious optimism (with a fair shake of wariness) keeps me wondering if it can and...

Jonathan Drouin and the Lightning lineup


Just where does Jonathan Drouin fit in the Lightning lineup for 2013-14?

Do the math; Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa Bay Lightning preview


It's all doom and gloom in Tampa at the moment, until you put it in perspective. Two negatives equal a positive, sprinkle on some more positive news and you start to chin up...

Coach Jim Johnson returned to Norfolk Admirals by Lightning


Another shakeup among coaches has taken place in Tampa as Jim Johnson is returned to the Norfolk Admirals for their final playoff push of the AHL season.

Tocchet is not the victim


Sympathies are running high for Rick Tocchet in the local media. Characterized as the victim to Brian Lawton's villainy, Tocchet's own shortcomings are being overlooked in the narrative.

Wes Walz to be special guest at NHL FanHouse chat this afternoon


Former NHL player and coach Wes Walz will be participating in an online chat this afternoon at 2 PM on AOL's NHL FanHouse. Discussion topics are going to vary from Steven Stamkos to his own playing days with the Minnesota Wild... (h/t Eric McErlain)

It's not personal, it's (botched) business


Sports are a business, and like all businesses there are ways to go about things and ways not to go about things. Lightning GM Brian Lawton has given us an example of how not to handle a coaching...

Coaching shakeup in Tampa, Norfolk [updated]


Is Tocchet out? OR is it one of his assistants? We explain the hearsay here.

Lightning charity scrimage during Fan Fest


The Tampa Bay Lightning have scheduled a charity hockey game to take place Saturday, August 29th, during Fan Fest activities in Tampa.

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