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WW-IF (Volume 4): The Whole Dam Straight Edge Show

The latest edition of WW-IF goes back in time to re-book the WWECW promotion with CM Punk playing a pivotal role in its future and development.

Houston Texans What If: Looking Back


A look back on the history of the Houston Texans and some coulda-woulda-shouldas of the franchise.

Matt Schaub, New York Jet?

Apparently, it could have happened, according to a recent article on ESPN.com.

Game Recap: Preseason Crisis on Parallel Earths!

While their game in this dimension was canceled due to the lockout, on the parallel Earth-Z, the Islanders and Devils did play a pre-season game at Barclays Center on October 2, 2012. Via the...

Put the '04 Utes in the PAC - does Alex Smith win the Heisman?


Alex Smith finished fourth in the '04 Heisman Trophy voting. How much would have playing the PAC helped his chances back then?

Altered Maroon Memories | What if Cam Newton would have come to MSU?


Using the great simulator WhatifSports, we take a look at what MSU's 2010 season could have been with Heisman winner Cam Newton at QB


Alternate History: A Brock Lesnar Story

Brock Lesnar is a polarising figure within Mixed Martial Arts. On the one hand he is a great fighter who is one of only three men to successfully defend the Heavyweight belt twice (Couture and...

How a college football playoff would have affected Utah in '04 & '08


So, what if college football's current proposal existed in '04 & '08 - would Utah qualify for the playoffs?

What if ... '02's Utes do just enough?


What if...Ron McBride made it through the 2002 season? No Urban Meyer, Kyle Whittingham might be coaching the Cougars and Utah could still be in the Mountain West - without BYU or TCU.

Islanders Hockey What If? Bowtie Bill Torrey Sticks Around


Bill Torrey still plays a role with the Florida Panthers today. What if the "Gang of Four" owners never sent him packing from the New York Islanders?

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