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Southeast Division - One game in


A quick look around the Southeast Division for signs of rust and glory as the 2013 NHL season gets off to a rousing start. Plus, the week ahead.

In case you were worried about toughness and grit


Blair Jones and Chris Durno got into some notable fisticuffs last night for the Lightning.

Lightning exhibition play: Keep it in the Southeast


Preseason games being played at home aren't so important. But the Lightning need to start catering to potential fans and start playing more exhibitions within the southeast -- starting in Orlando.

SB Nation's mock Expansion, Expansion Draft


It'll be playing out over the next few days, but SB Nation is putting together a mock-expansion draft. Raw Charge will have to submit a protected list and we'll be participating in other facets that ar e required of us... That's not the point though. Right now, you -- the reader, the prospective voter -- get to pick what cities should get (fake, made up, only for the sake of this exercise) expansion teams. Click on the title link and read the post about the Expansion mock draft and vote for your choices for the home of our expansion-exercise NHL cities.


Let’s Take the Preseason for a Spin

The NHL preseason is pretty much thrown out there with no structure or consistency, and with no eye to expanding markets or brand reach. Here's an idea for how to improve things.

Lightning hold off Oilers in overtime, 4-3


Winnipeg played host to another game by the Lightning where they were outshot by their opponents. This time, the Bolts scored in overtime to win and improve their record to 3-1-2 for the pre season. For those who would liek to watch the entirety of the game and see just what happened, you can find a video replay of the entire game on TSN's web site. (Hat tip Dustin Keene)


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg, MB game thread

4th game, 4th night in a row. The Lightning play the Edmonton Oilers at Winnipeg tonight.

Tampa Bay's preseason ahead: Six Games, Seven Nights


With an epic exhibition road trip ahead of them, all excess warm bodies on the Lightning roster are appreciated...

Bolts / Oilers set to do battle in Winnipeg


Mark it on your calendars: September 24th, 2009. Manitoba, here we come... This is certainly going to be smaller road trip than the European Vacation from the beginning of this past season.

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