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A Thing of Beauty

A few days ago I mentioned the St. Pete Times Forum sitting in silence. What I didn't mention was the change in status this week... The beautiful sight that I witnessed as it was created over the...

It Sits in Silence

As of right now, this is the St. Pete Times Forum: A silent tomb, converting from concert to concert to other public engagement. It is absent the one characteristic that it was built for: ...

Oh how things have changed

With mad props to Justin at Bayciti.net, after a long search I have finally gotten some pictures of the St. Pete Times Forum under construction. It's no big deal what this image shows to the...

Frozen Four Opinions

Tampa is rated #1 to land a Frozen Four bid by three of five writers at Inside College Hockey. And of the negative review? Someone who can make mention of the anomolies of Tampa's sports...

Man Bites Dog - Lawyer sues St. Pete Times Forum

From the Ice Block   After Rodriguez sues the Forum, he might want to go out and sue whatever television station the cup-thrower watched the night before, for inspiring him to go to the game, and...

Frozen Four - Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is bidding to host the Frozen Four in 2009, 2010 or 2011... Can you imagine a stranger thing happening than the Frozen Four being hosted here in Tampa Bay??? I can. Quite happily, too :)

Overdue news

I heard this before I left on my trip -- I'll be back in Florida tomorrow... Springfield to play Philadelphia Phantoms at the St. Pete Times Forum on December 15th AHL hockey is better than NO...

Still looking for Construction Photos

Once again, I make a plea -- can someone point me to onlien photos of the St. Pete Times Forum / Ice Palace under construction? Thanks.

Forum of echoes

Tampa Bay Online offers this multimedia report on the Empty Times Palace. I haven't viewed it and I can't because of security on my computer... maybe you can? EDIT: Gary from Missing Monkey Head...

The Forum is w1r3d

"The Forum isn't just a Hot Spot for Hockey any more!" :roll: OK, past the terrible pun here... The Lightning will be employing Wi-Fi at St. Pete Times Forum for the 2004-05 season and beyond....

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