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(with the new season here and a growing group of interested fans hanging out around the site, I thought it woudl be good to repost this story from earlier this year -- jpf) There's a wide and...

Puck Daddy Love for SB Nation Hockey

Puck Daddy gives some recognition to SB Nation Hockey - and we're giving it right back. Come feel the hockey blogger love.

SB Nation's Draft Hub

    With just over a week (as in, just a few hours until we hit the seven day mark) until the 2009 National Hockey League Entry Draft, SB Nation has a central source for all things Draft in the...

Design update

...which doesn't mean I will be blogging more often but I was tired of the old design, big time, for Boltsmag. As it stands, it's not easy to find comments unless you visit the permalink for the...

Happy New Year, one and all

To Boltsmag readers, my friends and acquaintances on the Tampa Bay and Hockey blogosphers... I wish you all a safe and happy new year.

It's not quite working, yet it is...

Another site note here at Boltsmag: You'll notice a (ugly, misaligned) calendar on the left hand sidebar where the Poll usually is located. This is due to be an all-purpose calendar for the site...

Site work

Believe it or not, I'm not dead, maimed, brainwashed or any other malignant thing.... well, that's subjective (lazy can be termed as malignant, can't it?). At any rate, I'm currently working...

down and out at Boltsmag

Personal note for Boltsmag readers and the rest of my friends in the blogosphere who occasionally check in with the site to see what I am rambling about... Well, one of the things I dread most...

Site work

Just in case Boltsmag doesn't render properly for you right now -- working on a few things behind the scenes. We'll be back on track soon.

new poll

Well, with the (alleged) new logo before the fans far and wide, time to share your opinion. Of course, it's arguable how good or bad things are by seeing them by themselves and not on the uniform,...

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