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No, it isn't a TBO like switch

Just housekeeping note -- I am not trying to migrate ALL discussion to the message board. Just some of it. Jim Johnson on Sticks of Fire talks about Tampa Bay Online forcing comments onto their...

Three years going

I made no hoopla about the site turning three years old a matter of days ago. I focused on waiting until February 21st to celebrate because I am upgrading my Extreme Tracking package which has...

Speaking of no memo...

Site upkeep note -- I upgraded to Wordpress 2.1 last week or the week before and have discovered that the pages that were set up for the site (posters, the St. Pete Times forum listing, etc) were...

Site Stats skeward

Just a Boltsmag comment -- Most of you who use Boltsmag as a quick-reference for Lightning stats over the years (via the pop up menu near the site logo) may have noticed things are just a wee bit...

Pardon our dust

Just a quick note -- working on the new look for Boltsmag. The site will be phasing in and out from one theme to the other while I work on the new one.


There are a number of things with the Lightning that are and were under the microscope this season -- be it there play under the new system, goaltending, or defense... Goaltending was by far and...

Voted? Discuss...

Just a reminder of the Lightning Rookie of the Year post and poll. I plan on changing the poll soon enough but I wanted to make sure everyone's talked there head off to discuss who's your R.O.Y. U...

surf Boltsmag from your cell phone?

Just in case you browse the internet with your Cell phone or happen to check up on the Lightning through Boltsmag, we now have a WAP friendly version of the site. Cell phone users need only apply...

standing stone?

Latest poll on Boltsmag asks if you agree with the Bolts standing pat at the trade deadline... I've already voiced my concerns over this... What's your take?

multimedia requests?

Any particular goals the Lightning have scored this season that you think should be immortalized for Lightning fans? Let me know as I'd be willing to add to the Multimedia archive on site..

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