10 points removed... And Hellooooo NHL!

Did a little standings-reading last night just to get re-acquainted with this... thing known as the NHL. Carolina is sitting pretty on top of the the Eastern Conference right now (82 points) and has a commanding lead over the Lightning (68) in the Southeast (14 points).

They need 10 points to wrap this thing up... The Lightning are almost assured a second place finish, but it'd be one to remember for the ages if they ran the board to close out the season. Not going to happen of course...

Welcome back to NHL action... They'll be rockin' at Times Palace momentarily as the Lightning square off against in-state nemesis, the Florida Panthers. Last time these two teams met, I was left shocked and awed... It's time to shake off the rust and put on skates, put up your dukes and check your jock strap. The Run hath come undone by the Olympic break. It's time for the Lightning to Dash.