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It took a few too many games but the Lightning are "1337" again - dominating division rival Atlanta on Thursday Night 6-0. The Lightning chased Atlanta's starting goalie after scoring 3 goals on seven shots twelve minutes into the game.

Atlanta looked cruely disorganized and disconnected while the Lightning - still not playing near the top of their game -- took the opportunity not just to spank Atlanta for 4 first period goals, but also to practice with their retooled roster.

John Grahame earned the 8th shutout of his career while stopping all of 15 shots.

While Brad Richards did notch two assists on opening period goals, I have to say he was mostly MIA on ice. Martin St. Louis - though scoring the opening goal - seemed out of place and lost. Marty had been sent down to the 3rd line by John Tortorella but he is still a main cog in the power play... He did show flashes of his former birlliance but still a long way off from where he usually is.

ANd was it jsut me or was anyoen else confused how to feel about Pavel Kubina's desperate-actions to clear the puck on five-on-three int eh 3rd period? Kubina took himself out of the play, giving the THrashers a chance to score and rushed back in and indeed cleared the puck this time... To quote Tom Arnold in True Lies -- "Stupid, but Ballsy."

The Lightning are homeward bound to face a well rested Ottawa Senator's team - unless the weather dictates if the game goes on as scheduled or not.