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Standings -- what a race!!

Well, the East gets oh-so-much-more tight tonight as the Flyers have lost to Boston. Boston, the Leafs and Ottawa are in a dead heat in the Northeast division...

The Lightning -- if they beat Washington tonight -- pulls within a point of the Flyers for the #2 seed in the East as Ottawa takes over the #1 seed, while Toronto and Boston are ready to swoop in and dethrone the Senators at a moments notice.

It's been a long while since this fan followed a team in a "pennant chase" of sorts (this ain't baseball, Ladies and gents, sorry to use the phrase) and I forgot just how captivating it can be.

Postscript in my excitement I didn't pay attention to the fact the Flyers lost in OT. They gain a point. The Bolts are still 2 points back from the 2nd seed...