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The top spots and tonight...

Going into tonights action, the Lightning remains in a dead heat in the Eastern Conference -- on top of the division through statistical ties. Possibly, tonight, this could be cleared up just a bit.... As well as the league lead race where Tampa (and Toronto and Philly) are one point behind the Devils for the best record in the NHL.

First game to bring up in the Flyers facing off against Ottawa. Ottawa is in the Northeast division dogfight with the Maple Leafs and Bruins and they would no-doubt love to be a part of this conference-seed race.

Meanwhile, over in the west, the Vancouver Canucks will be trying to derail Detroit. The Canucks being a point behind Colorado in the Northwest division should be incentive enough for this game, but to knock off another Western Conference team - and the conference leader - would be huge.

Of course the Avalanche are in action to against Pacific Division leader San Jose. And who else but the Lightning square off against the New Jersey Devils at Times Palace...