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ESPN2 -- AKA the Deuce... or is that the D'OH?

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First Intermission for the Calgary Flames / Detroit Red Wings game is on. John Saunders and Barry Melrose are part of a barrage of buffoonery during the telecast....

"It was supposed to be the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the Boston Bruins" says Saunders... Quite a respectable sportscaster.

Uh, hold it right there John... If the Boston Bruins made it out of the first round, they would have been facing the Philadelphia Flyers. Tampa Bay would have been playing the lowest seed remaining - which is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

So the short intermission report on the TB / Montreal game for tomorrow night is talked about and then they go to a graphic advertising the game and they show a picture of Vincent Lecavalier and label him as Martin St. Louis...


Nice job, ESPN, for your research. Next time, do us all a favor and just pick up the CBC telecast and forgo the idiocy. Disney's management has shown that ESPN no longer cares for the NHL and personally - I no longer care for ESPN. Next station, please....