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Lets not focus on the differences...

People will look at the Tampa Bay / Calgary series with questionable eyes... They'll see a Canadian City -- Canada is Lord Stanley's proper home - and they will see a Sun-Belt start-up franchise. You'll hear about the oil in Alberta and the lack-of-it in Florida. The warm and humid conditions in Tampa Bay and the dry, cool-to-cold conditions of Calgary.

Lets just drop the differences for a moment and think of the one thing that both cities can boast...


We've got the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be to brag about - and I ain't talking hockey teams.

Tampa Bay and Calgary both boast links - if not all-out homes -- to Professional Wrestling. For every crowd-rallying speech by Hulk Hogan we've seen this post-season, Calgary would erupt at the sheer site of Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Calgary can brag the Dungeon and Stu Hart, and Tampa Bay can chime in that it was home to Rocky Johnson for a time -- and there son Dwayne -- AKA, the Rock. Home to Dean Malenko and a plethora of transplanted Wrestlers.

SO lets rally around one thing we have in common instead of trying to tear ourselves down in differences before we play a good series of hockey, eh? :biggrin