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The Big Money Deals of MLB and the NHL Labor Woes

Maybe John Romano at the St. Petersburg Times read a piece I published last year regarding Alex Rodriguez deal to New York....

Whatever the case, Romano writes another great piece criticizing the New York Mets for the Carlos Beltran deal.

The reason why I bring up that piece I wrote is because of a point Romano makes:

You want to know why the hockey season is about to be canceled? This is it. This is the reason NHL owners are insisting on a salary cap.

Of allt he 100 million dollar babies the last few years, only one has a ring, only one has an MVP. Kevin Brown has not won more than 11 games in a season since inking his deal. The Rangers had so little leberage they paid the Yankees to take A-Rod off there hands, etc...

Now the Mets have hurt all of baseball by giving a marginal-player-with-strong-contract-year-performance a lump sum of dough he isn't worthy of. Nice job, Metsies.... :roll: