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ESPN Out - USA Network in?

Eric over at Off Wing had posted about ESPN Declining broadcast rights for the NHL in 2005-06 under the current contract. I had attempted to write up my own piece and opinion on the entire situation on Boltsmag but what I wrote was destroyed by a browser lockup....

However, I did comment on Eric's thread:

Am I the only one who sees this as a positive isntead of a negative?

Fact -- the NHL would be treated as red headed step children and below by ESPN if they did pick up the option this year. Everyone KNOWS that ESPN is oversaturated with sports content and they've veered off the sports focus and put more focus on entertainment. The Hockey coverage during the playoffs last year sucked so bad it wasn't funny....

I say -- good riddence. I also say that Gary should be on the phone with Dick at NBC and talking about another deal -- another sweetheart for NBC Universal -- to move gamves back onto USA Network where they used to appear. USA has had basically zilch since WWE RAw and the Westminster Kennel Club dog show left. It also has the reach that ESPN had and more of a reach than ESPN 2 has (which was the channel that would end up hosting most NHL games).

Give it a year or two for the NHL to rebuild their base and hopefully spark ratings on USA and then renegotiate....

Being free of the Mouse is a blessing for the league, even if people associate ESPN with sports -- the NHL was treated poorly by ESPN and I say good riddence.

And yes, i repeat phrases too often and my spelling sucks - what's your point? :P :)