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Sternberg takes control

In a story that I missed yesterday, Chuck LaMar was fired by the Devil Rays and Stuart Sternberg was immediately awarded the "Most-Overdue-Firing" award for doing so.

Sternberg announced his taking-control of the Devil Rays this afternoon at the Vinoy Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg... Stuart plans on free parking for all fans next season -- unheard of in Pro Sports in this day and age -- as well as major changes in hwo the Tampa Bay Baseball Franchise is part of the community. I say TBBF because there's a chance the Rays will be re-branded entirely as has been hinted by the St. Petersburg Times.

Sternberg also said he reads local blogs and message boards...

If that be the case... Stuart? Listen, I know I blasted you and your intentions earlier in the season out of frustration with what was going on with the Rays... I know I made it look like you could be the villian instead of the hero. I only have one thing to ask of you: Prove me wrong, please. One press conference and I'm happily taken aback but it's a long road to hoe before I'm finally convinced the franchise is safe... Not that I plan to continuing slinging bile, mind you. Good luck with the franchise face lift...